Trott Law Attorney Busted Dressing And Sleeping In Court


MFI-Miami Busts Trott Law Legal representative Kevin Hammons Sleeping And Using Some sort of Courtroom As His particular Personal Bathroom

A witness had taken this picture for Trott Law Attorney Kevin Hammons wearing his deodorant during the courtroom of Evaluate Susan Jonas at the 58th Region Court.

It seems like I’ve got witnessed my talk about of crazy patterns from lawyers for nearly a decade. Yet, the craziness of Trott Laws Attorney Kevin Hammons has made myself think twice about telling men and women I have seen everything.?

I get witnessed foreclosure generator attorneys blatantly deceive judges and computer file fraudulent documents on the court. My favorite was a idiot attorney within New York who mentioned cryptic Nazi pride to be able to Jewish judge. A high level fan of this website you know who he will be.?

I have also seen lawyers lunge at judges in the courtroom. Incidents this way usually get helpful when the bailiffs pull out their batons or their tasers.?

It feels like the most disturbing law offices are usually the attorneys that show up drunk. Essentially the most noteworthy was a Texas attorney who reached court wired via snorting blow all night. As a result, my client received their case considering that the attorney was excessive as a kite and speaking jibberish during the trial.

Hammons Pleasures The Courtroom Such as a Bathroom

I had never heard of a law firm getting dressed in judge or sleeping in a courtroom until I witnessed Trott Law Legal representative Kevin Hammons do it in Mi earlier this year.

It seems like Hammons must feel a sister needs to look good to your nice white lovely lady judge. The Trott Rules Attorney uses this courtroom of 58th Centre Court?Judge Susan Jonas?to help tidy up and dress up for court.?

Hammons continues to be seen on many occasions dressing in any courtroom and applying deodorant. Witnesses in addition seen him shaving your face with an electric razor during the courtroom.?

Trott Law Attorney Kevin Hammons appears to be sleeping at the 20th Circuit Trial.

The Trott?Law Attorney?has also been caught sleeping in the actual courtroom of the Last Circuit Court around West Michigan. Hammons experienced just arrived after the?two-hour drive from the luxury Detroit suburbs and obviously needed a catnap.

Hammons Becomes Famous Because Detroit’s Biggest Douche Bag

The Trott Legislation Attorney also grew to become known in the Detroit position for representing Fannie Mae. Hammons attempted to evict?Lela Whitfield. Whitfield ended up being trying to keep her the child years home.

Whitfield learned her father and mother had taken out a Reverse Mortgage over the property for $60,1000 after their fatality. She?then made numerous attempts to purchase the asset?from Fannie Mae.?Hammons blocked her every last attempt to purchase the house?in the actual run-down Detroit neighborhood for the market value of $10,000.

Hammons along with his bosses at Trott Rules repeatedly cited nonexistent government regulations in order to secure the case.