Which Vehicles Contain the Most Sex Appeal? (Part 2)


That is among the findings associated with a survey of 2,One thousand drivers by Guarantee.com.

And the results are similar for women and guys, unlike the results on which we reported the other day which showed stunning differences C women choosing men in dark colored pickup trucks, preferably Fords, along with men preferring most women in red activities cars, preferably BMWs.

No appear brand of car you possess, said Mike Magrath on Edmunds.com, either sexual category can make their vehicles more appealing by taking proper them C keeping them clean and operating properly.

“How well a car is looked after is a determinant of attractiveness,” Magrath asserted at Insure.com. “Just like the black Ford truck or van and the red Mercedes, it goes beyond easy conveyance. It says that woman cares about precisely how she treats very little and how she sustains her possessions.”

Joe Wiesenfelder, management editor of Chicago-based Motors.com, agrees that will if the car is perfectly kept, there’s a better chance the owner takes good care of him or herself.”

The most important properties survey participants acknowledged when asked whats most vital about a car within the opposite sex, 45 per-cent of women and Forty three percent of men specified cleanliness. Additionally, Thirty seven percent of women along with 29 percent of males say vehicle reliability is most important.

Less vital that you survey participants is the fact that a vehicle is expensive (ladies, 4 percent, and guys, 6 percent), that a car is new or new-ish (women of all ages 6 percent, and guys 9 percent), and that an auto is interesting (women Seven percent, and gentlemen 12 percent), Insure.internet reported.

The biggest turn-offs C on the same for men and women C happen to be:

–????????? Cigarette butts during the ashtray (men 23 %, women 23 per cent)

–????????? Trash on the seat tickets (men 23 pct, women 22 percentage)

–????????? Bad loud new music (men 16 pct, women 21 pct)

Other turn-offs, according to survey participants, included bumper decals for political candidates, car dents, deafening exhaust and this tree tree air freshener.

Though your lover cited no helping data, Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds.internet also believes almost all folks are put off simply by Hawaiian leis dangling out of rear view decorative mirrors and backseats inhabited simply by stuffed animals.

And while email trucks ranked previous as a vehicle desirable men drive C observe Part 1 regarding Valentines Day: Which automobiles are most fetching to the opposite sex C Caldwell points to chick cars as especially frustrating for male individuals. I would think twice about relationship a guy driving whatever labeled a babe car. Telling your buddies, ‘Yeah, my completely new boyfriend drives some sort of [chick car],’ that would be very humiliating.”

But, with a little luck, some of our blog posts will raise your odds of a date with Valentines Day or any other working day.