Chevrolets best pickup truck, auto of 2014 C Cars.internet


The Chevrolets were among six to eight nominees in each of group for the 2014 awards.

The Silverado, one of two GM trucks selected, beat out Ford F-150, GMC Sierra One thousand five hundred, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, Ram 2500/3500 HD and the Toyota Tundra. Your Impala outran two Mazdas, the Mazda3 and also Mazda6, as well as the Acura MDX, Hyundai Finished Fe and Hyundai Forte.

The wide web best pickup truck and greatest car awards got one day after Silverado and the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ended up being named North American truck/utility along with car of the year, correspondingly, by a jury involving automotive writers.

In nominating any Silverado 1500 for its first-ever most effective pickup truck award, said:

To state preseason expectations were higher for GM’s refurbished 2014 models would be a uncouth understatement. Not only will this be the initial big test for your newly restructured General motors, but also the Chevrolet Silverado would be the largest-selling vehicle it has, and also the truck was among the oldest in the portion. To be clear, from bumper to bumper, inside and out, this third-generation Silverado 1500 will be stronger, smarter, extremely effective and more capable, with a wide margin, in comparison to the truck it replenishes.

The 2013 Silverado was the second-highest-selling pickup truck in America, following the Ford F-Series and also beating out the Good old ram 1500. For more details, notice our infographic on The Start Road blog.

Of the Chevrolet Impala, Cars.web said: The changes within the previous model yr are truly astonishing: design, powertrains, build quality, ride sophistication, handling response, materials, fuel economy, you name it, and also it’s been significantly improved. A choice of a few engines and seven trim levels means there’utes an Impala to suit several tastes and pockets.

Each year, there are a multitude of newly introduced or redesigned car products, proclaimed when it announced this nominations, going on to explain how your six selections in each category were decided on for the final account. Throughout the year, our publishers drive new cars each week, getting a genuine, lived-in feel for each motor vehicle. They get to know it has the quirks and where the item excels and fails to deliver.

[The editors] focus their particular attention on innovations, good quality and C above all else C price, according to From these weeklong disks, manufacturer events in addition to a lengthy deliberation period, our expert testers choose the six versions that best characterize the crme of the years crop.

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