6 Best places to consume in Maldives


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The The maldives with its azure blue waters, clear stars and pristine white colored sands is paradise on earth. Between swimming in the ocean plus lying on the seaside soaking in the sun, youre guaranteed to get a little keen. Head to any of these wonderful restaurants for a deal with youll never forget.


This breath-taking restaurant is definitely the first underwater eatery in the world. It is situated 16 feet under the sea and has wine glass walls on every side which makes the eating experience unlike anything youve experienced before. Also, the restaurant can be known for having the largest wines cellar in the Maldives. Talk about an enjoyable nighttime.


This restaurant, which is located off Ameer Ahmed Magu Street, is famous for its inventive synthesis cuisine. Think such as South Asian complies with Mediterranean. The eatery is stylish, plus the perfect choice for some sort of high-end dinner for two. Although the dining rooms, by using dark wood home furniture are striking, choose instead to have dinner in the balcony, below the stars. Try the conventional Maldivian chicken curry or the melted cuttlefish.

Palace Sichuan

This Chinese restaurant enjoys its elegant meals that is inspired because of the Sichuan region of Cina. The flavours through the region C spicy plus sweet C are at the actual forefront of many of your dishes in this eatery. Palace Sichuan has made automobile for itself by choosing Chinese staff and taking advantage of ingredients directly shipped in from China.

The Lighthouse

For a tasteful dinner, head to the uber-chic Light house, considered to be one of the coolest restaurants in the The maldives. As the name suggests, the restaurant looks over the water, and has the boardwalk that leads to the glimmering ocean.


Maruka sits at a jetty that protrudes into the ocean. To add any surreal feel of your restaurant is a glass-bottomed floors, which provides a check out into the wonderful water below. Needless to say, any views at this eaterie are spectacular, but it is worth noting that the meal at Maruka is also remarkable. Special attention pays to plating the food, as well as every dish is a well-executed work of art. The philosophy is the fact pleasing the eye is often as important as pleasing the flavor buds. Be sure to try out the Maldivian Experience food list, which is a decadent four-course meal, sure to leave you within a blissful food coma.

Sala Thai

This diner is on the costly side, but the meals is completely worth it. Sala Chinese serves authentic Japanese food that would make even the most hard-to-please foodie crunches and take notice. Whilst you cant go wrong with some of the dishes mentioned during the menu, the ramen are definitely worth trying. You could choose to dine in your own home in the plush, magnificent dining room, or love your meal on view, against the blue Maldivian night.

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