The best new vehicles for shoppers inexpensively


So we went looking for 2014 bargain cars to meet up with that need and came across 15 of the best, including a bonus four vehicles that didnt make the best-of listings we consulted.

The major new car C your Chevrolet Sonic C was initially named by and and in addition was recommended by Customer Reports New Car Examine 2014. Three other vehicles mentioned under $17,000 by simply together with CR recommended were this Mazda Mazda2, Scion xD and Nova Jetta.

The list of 19 motor vehicles by manufacturer together with number of new automobiles were Chrysler Group, a few; Ford, Kia, Mazda, # keyword #, Scion and Toyota, not one but two each, and Chevy, FIAT, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen, just one each.

Lists by, 2014s best bargain cars under $16,000 by Natalie Sejnost, in addition to (Houston Chronicle), Best 2014 cars under $20,000 by just John-Henry Perera, agreed on three completely new car models. Plus the Chron.coms list agreed on a couple of more vehicles by using, which cited several 2014 models in a evaluate article on the Kia Forte. Consumer Studies recommended list concurred utilizing and only on the Sonic.

(For this article, we all split the difference regarding the headlined maximum prices for the and compilations, with a maximum for the list of bargains on $17,000, using estimate starting prices by means of Kelley Blue Book at and comparing to be able to Consumer Reports.)

The leading new cars which made both and details and approximate establishing prices reported through Kelley Blue Book C were the particular consensus pick Chevrolet Sonic ($14,468), plus the Chevy Fiesta ($14,124) and Hyundai Soul ($15,495). Additionally, any Ford Focus ($16,230), Toyota Forte ($15,800) and Toyota Corolla ($16,959) were named by way of both along with

Other new automobiles named by were Nissans Versa SV ($15,150) along with Versa Note SV ($14,267), as well as the Mitsubishi Mirage ($13,790). Chron.coms Best 2014 autos under $20,000 also referred to as the Dodge Dart ($15,700), FIAT 500 ($16,100) plus Mazda Mazda3 ($16,945), although we uncovered the Mazda3 at just a bit over $17,000. cited an article by Thomas ZumMallen on its checklist.

Other cars listed by simply C having Kelley Blue Book pricing C have been Jeep Patriot ($15,966), Scion intelligence quotient ($15,434), Toyota Yaris ($14,757) and Chevrolet Fire ($12,576).

Consumer Reports minimum charges generally were a bit lower than Kelley Blue Book rates.

Of course, bargains come in the eye of the beholder C for some, $30,000 may well be a bargain. But at least this list gives new motor vehicle shoppers a place get started on looking for and price vehicles that may match their need for economical transportation, whether its catastrophe or second motor vehicle.